Sadly we witnessed Saturday where another poor (and highly inexperienced!) MLS official directly impacts the outcome of a Toronto FC match – this time not for the better.

In this video blog I take a look at the critical error that MLS ref Ted Unkel made early on that arguably cost TFC three precious points and many of the others he made in a shockingly poor display of officiating. I also take a look at how well the Reds did compete against one of the very best opponents they will see this season in Kansas City and how Nelsen still needs to find more ways going forward to take advantage of what he now has to work with.    ———————————————————————————————————————————————


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  1. Duncan Green

    i wasnt yell Unkel i was screaming venom at him…lost it several times during the match you dont like to offended people with language..but it is a football match…maybe an age restriction/ no families in the supporters section would be good:} the ref is hard to say this worse then the 8 yrs of TFC it was the worst job by a official..On a brighter note TFC played well except for the loose defending again:{ they played as well vs Spurs and it rubbed off, those against friendlies should realize how TFC played in both games and the crap they were playing before the Spurs match !!

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