By all accounts the Vancouver Whitecaps organization and their fans are still angry over the “Montréal Miracle”. And many of then will probably forever feel cheated out of the 2009 Voyageurs Cup that they felt was handed to Toronto by the Montréal Impact. This led of course to what I call the  “2010 gentleman’s agreement” between the three clubs in the tournament to play as close as they can to their top club if and when their respective club was eliminated. The intention of course to try and temper any controversy in 2010 like there was in 2009.

I guess we will see what kind of “gentleman” Mark Dos Santos is in six days time when his club plays what is for them once again a meaningless game. Now unlike the Vancouver fans in 2009, I do not think that TFC supporters are going to be that pissed off if the 2009 edition of the Trois-Rivières Attak showed up in Impact uniforms on the 26th to play against Vancouver. Until Edmonton comes into the mix next season and the tournament gets re-jigged somehow, there was always going to be the likelihood that one club of the three in this years tournament would find itself  having to play meaningless games.

You see Vancouver fans, we get it. You still may be pissed about last year but TFC still had to score four goals on the road, and by the way, they scored six unanswered. Montréal did not rest everyone from their top XI in that game either if you remember. The bottom line is TFC took care of their business when they needed to and Vancouver did not.

This year Toronto eliminated Montréal by going to their house and winning once again.  The Whitecaps draw to Montréal at home and draw TFC at home as well. It is Vancouver that has not taken care of their business both in 2009 and 2010 that led to them having to either hope Montreal rolls over and plays dead in one year and does not in another.

Win your home games Vancouver and you have nothing to worry about. Drawing twice at home now means that the Whitecaps need to win out in their last two road games. I for one hope Montréal do run out the reserves next week and I hope Vancouver beats them. That way the tournament will be won fair and square at BMO Field in two weeks time.

And when Montréal does run out the scrubs I hope that once and for all Vancouver can stop yapping about the “Montréal Miracle”. You can’t be against it one year when it hurts you and be for it the next when it doesn’t unless you are a total hypocrite.

disgrace 1

Disgrace 2

And to the Vancouver “Southsiders” Supporters Group… If you have the two pictures above still on your website after next week when your club plays the Montréal ‘B’ Team, then you are the biggest hypocrites of all.


  1. Whitecaps fans may be the embarrassment of the country (get some fans who have moved out of their mom’s basement, ffs) but they have every right to still be pissed about the Montreal Miracle. Tim, if the shoe was on the other foot, they’d still be able to hear your hooting in Bishop’s Falls. Our team may have done the necessary, but Granolatasaray (Yorkies [tm]) fans should still be aggrieved. I would be. Injustice fuels rivalries, as does snatching defeat from the jaws of victory (see: Impact v. Santos Laguna). It’s all grist for the mill, and as a long-time grister, you should well know that. Cheers.

  2. Thanks for the comments Jambo!

    Injustices do indeed feed fuel into any rivalries and I guess this is one that will probbly end up in lore.

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