Another frustrating loss for Toronto FC away on this long season opening road trip as the Reds fall to Chicago 3-2 Saturday afternoon. In this post game video blog I take a look at the poor performace of Fullback Warren Creavalle – and I ask if its time for this experiment to end. Also I come to the defense of Joe Bendik and finally I take a look at the defensive record of Toronto FC since head coach Greg Vanney took over last September – and those numbers will probably shock  even you TFC fans.

Your comments are always welcome. Please let us know what YOU thought of the match.


  1. duncan green

    1 clean sheet under vanney? well lets put the blame where it belongs Joe Bendik…hes in the net..not vanney…vanney picks himm which is his mistake..tfc will never make the playoffs in they continue to play Bendik..Dallas will burn him for 2-3 goals in 2 weeks time.

  2. duncan green

    oh ps….chicago and columbus were winable games….Orlando is maybe a draw at best…Philly is winable but on our current form 3 losses??

  3. Chicago seemed winnable, but given the state of the defense, perhaps this was too optimistic. We really should take one of either Philly or Orlando if we’re going to take any points before May 10th. If some of the over-33 pair come back, I’ll resume some optimism. We cannot compete with Portland or Dallas based on the quality they both showed this weekend. I’m still calling for 5 points by May 10th sadly.

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