In this post game video I take a quick look back at the abject road loss that saw Toronto drop three more points on the road, this time in Columbus. I also take a personal look at the increasing level of apathy and resignation among the hard core support for this team, I take a quick look ahead to the last meaningful home game of the season, I come out in DEFENSE of Paul Mariner and I ask Toronto FC if its time to announce a 2013 price freeze.


  1. duncan green

    as far the the core support goes..some expected TFC from the start in 2007 to be MLS cup winners then…but reality has hit them hard..back in 2007 before the first KO i said give TFC 10 years to become a winner..after 6 years we have not made the right moves, managers,players etc etc..Winter was going to get this right but he needed more time…Mariner should he get more time?? maybe..BUT not more then what Winter was Given…

  2. Sorry I don’t have twitter, but I definitely agree that the bare MINIMUM that should be expected from MLSE is a PRICE FREEZE on season ticket prices for 2013. This is the LEAST that they can do, otherwise I am convinced that the hardcore supporters of Toronto FC will be heading to the hills and will NOT be renewing their season tickets next year.

    Additionally, you are right we don’t have a winger who can speed up and down the sidelines with energy and conviction. It is important that this deficiency is corrected as soon as possible. Also, I agree that now is not the time to fire Mariner but a change in leadership or management is highly overdue.

  3. Andrew Desmond

    I agree with you stick with Mariner. He’s getting the defence watertight first then I’d say he intends to get a goal machine, someone that will get him a goal every other game, and a good winger. Changing things too often doesn’t allow the players to settle, unless you’re bringing in someone of much higher quality but you’re not going to get anyone much better than him.

    You should lobby to have previous season ticket holders get a price drop/discount while getting a freeze on the rest. The people that buy a season ticket year in year out should be rewarded for their loyalty.

  4. Good idea. I’ve posted a few images that show why a price freeze is warranted on Instagram using #TFCPreiceFreeze2013.

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