Our friends over at http://viewfromthesouthstands.com have their usual pre-game analysis up previewing the next game for Toronto FC Saturday evening versus Sporting Kansas City. Please go and check it out.

I was at the training session Friday morning ahead of Saturday’s match and I was able to get some video from Nana Attakora, Alan Gordon(exclusive video) and Coach Aron Winter teeing up the match on Saturday.

There were some interesting things happening in training that I was able to observe that I thought I would share.

  • Bob De Klerk is the real ringmaster during training drills. He was extremely animated in delivering his messages to the players
  • Joao Plata surprisingly was at training. A senior club official told me that he is back at least for a while until the Ecuadorian national team decides who will make their 23 man roster for Copa America. He will be available to play Saturday.
  • Paul Mariner, off camera, was completely gobsmacked by the silly rumours coming out of England on Friday. Some frankly less than reliable English media outlets were circulating rumours that somewhat unsettled defender Nana Attakora was linked to a transfer to Shrewsbury Town of the English Second Division (the 4th tier I believe of English football). Watching Paul laugh heartily at the silliness of the English media in their soccer off season was frankly a lot of fun.
  • I asked a senior club official if TFC will be getting an additional roster spot that they can fill with a newcomer now that Adrian Can is sadly gone for the season. He did not have an answer for me but promised one early next week.

A lot of the more die hard supporters that I congregate with in the south end will be giving KC’s Teal Bunbury the full on hate treatment on Saturday for his flip flopping over the past season between declaring for the Canadian and American national teams and his eventual commitment to the USA instead of Canada.

For a vocal few in the south end this will be a big part of the game Saturday. And anything that gets people vocal and animated in the stands is generally a good thing, whatever the motivation. However the story for me is how can a still shorthanded TFC bounce back from what was far and away its worst performance ever at home in five seasons.

Your comments and opinions are always welcome and appreciated in this space. Let us know what you think.


  1. Hi Tim,

    Did you hear any news about new players coming in to sign or in on trial? Any tidbits would be great. We really need new players in.

    Thanks Tim and keep up the great work. Also had a great time at last week’s academy game.

    Your friend Pedro.

  2. I also forgot to ask if TFC will get at least another extra roster spot with Nicolas Lindsey officially being out for the season. Do you know if Bouchiba is also out for the season or will be be back later in the season, maybe September or October.

    Thanks again Tim

  3. Hey Pedro.

    I’ll start with the last question first.

    Bouchiba, in a brief conversation I had with him in late April told me face to face that he is supposedly on track to be available by early September. Whether this is still the case I am not sure as I have not had an update on anything from him in about a month.

    The club promised to get back to me about the roster spot question. One senior club official told me that MLS is generally pretty lax with that kind of thing so he stated he would not be surprised if we got an extra roster slot for him. On the flip side Lindsay and Cann are both still listed on the TFC website as roster players and the total number listed is still 30…. More to follow on that I guess.

    As far as new players coming I am hearing nothing other than a centre back is the number one priority. Whether that is the DP or not DP route remains to be seen.

  4. If Aron doesn’t win tomorrow, should he quit ? I think , he has made less that 50 % of the league so far!

  5. @Harol

    The average tenure going into tomorrow’s TFC game for Reds Managers is on average 27 games. That includes Winter, Dasovic, Preki, Cummins, Carver and Mo.

    All due respect but we are far too far along in this particular journey to change horses in mid stream.

  6. @Harol
    When Winter said that it would take a lot of time and patience: i don’t think he meant that if they weren’t doing well at the begining, he would throw in the towel. Winter leaving now would be like investing your life’s savings into starting a business, then throwing in the towel when your not making money right away. you have to let it reach it’s full potential before deciding weather or not it was a good investment. Likewise, we have to let Winter get everything he needs together, plus time for chemistry, before deciding if this season was a fail

    Right now there is a slim chance of making the playoffs. I personally don’t think we will make them, but my expectation for this year wasn’t the playoffs. all getting rid of Winter would do is doom us to another year of rebuilding with the next manager. it’s not like it would be possible for anyone to coach this team to the playoffs.

    When he was hired, Winter said that it would be a long process that would take a lot of patience, and nothing has changed since then

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