In this post game video blog after Toronto FC’s 2-2 draw against the reigning MLS Champion Los Angeles Galaxy I take a look back at some of the sights and sounds from the true home opener. I also take look at a defensive error, the Reds defensive performance to date in context, the return of a welcome midfielder and of another TFC Academy graduate who hit the score sheet for the first time.

Your comments are always welcome. Please let us know what YOU thought of the game.


  1. the game was great to watch minus the last cople of mins of injury time i the 2nd half…TFC has proved so far this year the can play with th best MLS has to offer..yes there better teams to come including FC Dallas (my pick to win the western conference this year). Earnshaw is a major plus and realy exciting to watch.. we still need a leader on the backline..until we get that or someone steps up and takes it..we will struggle inthat department..2 home games in To so far and both have been enjoyable to watch..although BMO was much more pleasant..footie outside where its suppose to be…Bring on Dallas..!!!

  2. Looking at the stats , very good , only 1 L behind the leaders early , I’m liking this team , entertaining to watch early ..and late ,, too , 🙂

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