In a much delayed video blog I take a look back at the loss away this past weekend in Salt Lake City and I try to put the defeat into some sort of context.

I also take a look at where TFC finds itself at the MLS season half way point and how the relatively poor results to date are actually not in the abstract much of a surprise based on what many of us actually thought going into the season. I also look ahead at the next two key matchups versus Vancouver and ask whether one is more important than the other.

Your comments are always welcome and appreciated in this space. Please let us know what you think.


  1. personally, I don’t think there’s much of a choice for the lineup tomorow. The striker has to be Santos because anyone returning from injury who’s important shouldn’t be playing two games that close together, so they should come back on Saturday (Gordon, De Guzman, Tchani). Wingers will have to be two of Martina, Plata, or Soolsma so there will be at least one of them playing both games. We only have two health CBs. LB is Borman, because Yourassowsky is needed in the midfield. Eckersley could use a rest tomorrow to ensure that he’s at his best Saturday, and Omphroy could start instead. there are plenty of young MFs who could play in this match to give the regular MFs a rest…. wait, who are our regular midfielders? we have Sturgis in holding mid, and Yourassowsky as a makeshift attacking mid, but unless Tchani or Peterson return from injury before Saturday, we have an empty spot in AM. last game we had of all people, GARGAN playing there. if that happens on Saturday, we’re screwed. I’d rather Cordon or Stinson there on Saturday, but then who plays in the midfield on Wednesday?

    I have a feeling that the starting XI will be very similar on Wednesday, and Saturday…. because we don’t have much choice

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