A video look back at an all to familiar scoreline Saturday night as Toronto FC drops three points away to the Chicago Fire.

I try and explain that there is there is a difference between losing away without really a chance to compete to losing away even though you had an excellent chance to win or at the very least draw. I also take a quick look at the MLS table and Darren O’Dea’s likely debut next week in Columbus.


  1. Pretty much resigned to just CCL . TFC is a whole different animal in that tourney .

  2. duncan green

    plz stop defending Mariner…hes done not much better then Winter could have done…when Winter was sacked we were on a two game winning streak 1 league 1 canadian championship final..if they (TFC) had stuck with him instead of going into panic mode yet again..we would have the same record if not better..Mariner’s approach is boring..his use of subs is very questionable..emory should have been removed after the first yellow card…O’Dea signing look promising…:}

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