As we get into this new season that starts today against Vancouver out on the Left Coast I want to let you all know that there will be coverage of each TFC match pre and post game going forward into this season the same as it was last year including video blogs and hopefully some more exclusive content than previously.

Yet with Toronto, and for that matter Vancouver, being a total mystery in this off season I decided to wait a bit before starting into the regular pre game style of post until we can actually what sort of team TFC is going to look like in real competitive matches. The only interesting pre-game tidbit I want to share is the choice of Official. MLS has chosen Canadian official Paul Ward for the match. Toronto has seen him five times before, twice in MLS, twice in the Voyageurs Cup and once in a friendly for a total record with him officiating of three wins, one draw and one loss. And in TFC’s defense the loss came against Real Madrid!

I am heading off to the pub to watch the game with my fellow friends and supporters who will sing, drink (a little!) and talk about what we are seeing on the field. I have dozens of friends there today in Vancouver who made the trek out west. I wish them safety and of course a TFC win.

In a day or so after a couple of viewings I think we all will be in a better position to try and figure out what sort of side Toronto FC has assembled. Today? I am not so sure. And realistically how could we be anything but unsure? We have a new coaching staff, a new system of play, there are only twenty odd players under contract, with Academy graduates expected to take a lot of the load, we have our star player in an unresolved contract dispute, and we have an impatient fan base that will likely have little patience past this season for the results to start matching the quality of support the club has.

No worries right?

So with no real way to address many of the concerns above I am not going to worry about any of them tonight. I am going to enjoy thinking about the possibilities of winning the Voyageurs Cup again. I am going to hope about the playoffs with ten spots now up for grabs. I am going to hope for Champions League footy again this year. Most of all I am going to enjoy TFC returning to my life for the next seven months. It  can’t come fast enough.South End

And tonight after the match I am heading off to see a great band called South End, who play a lot of TFC inspired Punk and rock tunes. They will be playing tonight at Hard Luck Bar (812 Dundas St.West, Toronto – Dundas/Ossington). Admission is only ten bucks. Hope to see some of you there.

And here is a link for more information:×200.jpg



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