The math was simple, 6th place TFC went into this match against 8th place Houston knowing a victory would bring them up to the 5th playoff spot tied with Columbus on points but ahead on games won with 3 games to go. All very straightforward you would think, but in eight seasons of watching TFC you learn one thing very quickly (and then see it repeated time and again) and that is that TFC are never straightforward !!!

This match doesnt bear analysis. It was a poor match, with a lacklustre performance from TFC and yet another terrible refereeing effort from a man in the middle who should only be wearing a ref costume on halloween. With three games to go TFC fans can likely make plans to pack away the scarves and hats they pulled out for the playoffs and pull up a cozy armchair to watch someone else playing in them on TV !

Gallery for this game: HERE

TFCpics video of the Defoe penalty as seen from the Supporters Section. 


Match “Highlights” 


Greg Vanney after the match


Steven Caldwell after the match


Michael Bradley after the match


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