I will have some thoughts up later today about these firings and I will also be posting a video blog later tonight. For now here are some notes from the press conference that just ended where MLSE’s Tom Anselmi announced that Mo Johnston and Preki were no longer working or Toronto FC.

Press Conference notes

  • Tom Anselmi announced that Mo Johnston and Preki are fired with immediate effect. It was not “mutual”. The language used was “fired”.
  • Short term and long term interests were reasons for the move today according to Anselmi. Playoffs are still doable Dasovic believes. Anselmi took high road generally with both Preki and Mo. Thanked them for their service.
  • Nick Dasovic is interim head coach.
  • Earl Cochrane is interim general manager.
  • Would not comment if Cochrane or Dasovic would be in the mix for permanent roles as either GM or coach.
  • Looks like they are going with GM and Manager structure again. Believes this is the trend for the league and how they wish to build going forward.
  • Saturday was the last straw according to Anselmi..
  • Believed that it was not a year too late to can Mo last season after 5-0 loss to Red Bulls and missed playoffs in 2009.
  • Would not elaborate on player dissent being a factor in the firings.
  • Dasovic wants the job long term.
  • Upcoming season ticket renewal campaign and tickets for MLS Cup were not a factor in the timing acording to Anseli.
  • Dasovic alluded to getting players to relax, which if true means Preki essentially lost the room. Anselmi said players were unanimous in their approval of the moves.
  • Jim Brennan remains with the team. Will travel with the club on road trip.
  • MLS Roster freeze tomorrow. No changes will be made. This is the team that will either succeed or fail in MLS and CCL.


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