In this video blog post I take a look back at the game in Philly that saw the Reds earn another point, this time on the road. I take a look at the performances of three TFC players in particular who were all difference makers in  their own way (O`Dea, Bendick & Earnshaw in no particular order).

I also find myself with the unfortunate task to again having to call out another poor MLS referee who lost the plot Saturday. And finally I share an interesting statistic regarding the significant difference in the number of yellow cards Toronto FC has been shown since 2007 compared to the competition.

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  1. Time to pressure Garber and MLS to have staff refs and Canadian staff refs for games in Canada.

    Hmmm…. Do these refs from the US have work papers? If so, they need to prove that there are no Canadians that can do that job.

  2. Yes, I absolutely agree with EVERYTHING that you said. I feel that Toronto FC were hard done by in this game by the referee and Ashtone Morgan did not deserve a yellow/red card on that play. Philadelphia’s Cruz should have been given a yellow card (at least) if not a suspension at best for his antics in the game. MLS is supposed to be giving referees better guidance and training this year. It’s time for Garber to look at all the controversial decisions made by the refs and sort out the inequality that TFC has had to endure since the beginning of their franchise.

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