In a bit of a departure from my usual post game video musings I put together some video I shot Wednesday night at BMO field that hopefully conveys how much fun it truly is to go to BMO Field when TFC wins, especially over a heated rival like the Impact. Its plain to see that the crowd was really into the match and it certainly felt like old times outside of Gate 3.

I also have included some exclusive video at the end of the video that clearly shows Montreal Impact fans uprooting and throwing seats from BMO Field from high atop the east stand down to the ground below, nearly hitting some TFC fans in the process and of course throwing lit flares towards the fans below as well, which sadly seems to be usual operating procedure from the Montreal Ultras these days.


 Now its onto the final versus Vancouver for the second year in a row!


  1. “HEY RICKETTS… HEY RICKETTS!.. I’M TALKING TO YOU”.. lmao so funny. god I love TFC supporters.. <3

  2. Mike Anfield

    That dude almost had a chicken little moment there for real.

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