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The MLS transfer window slammed shut yesterday with not many significant moves being made by a lot of clubs in the league on the last day. One move that was not hugely significant yet perhaps one of the more interesting was the trade that took place between Toronto FC and the LA Galaxy.

If you have not heard by now the Reds traded Dasan Robinson (who was acquired from Chicago a couple of months ago in the Dan Gargan deal) to the Los Angeles Galaxy for young centre back Kyle Davies. Here are the details courtesy of Toronto FC’s website:

Robinson made a total of one appearance in his time in Toronto and that was in the CONCACAF Champions League game last month versus Tauro in Panama. And considering that Robinson did not rate more than one start with the Reds even considering the well documented struggles of players such as Andy Iro and Ty Harden of late (Wednesday in Mexico was just the latest example of those struggles) I think speaks to what the TFC coaching staff thought of his ability.

I guess sometimes moves do not work out. Anyways good luck to Dasan in Los Angeles and in the playoffs. He of course won’t be able to feature for the Galaxy in their Champions League matches as he is cup tied to TFC.

So if one move does not work out you get back on the horse and try again and that is what TFC have apparently done here. I like this move for Davies on its face even knowing next to nothing about this new kid from LA. Robinson was, for whatever reason or reasons the coaching staff had, not likely going to be more than a spare part here in Toronto and who knows what would happen with him after the season was over. Davies is under contract until the end of next season and he works for a lot less coin than Robinson does. Davies signed a four deal with MLS in 2008 upon his return to North America after a stint with English side Southampton. His guaranteed wage packet on that four year deal is $52,566.50. Robinson is on a two year deal at a much higher guaranteed $100,000 wage packet.

Even if Davies is, all due respect to a player I know nothing about, nothing more than a spare part the way Robinson apparently was in his time here in Toronto then he is a much cheaper spare part. And he is a much cheaper spare part that is under contract on an attractive wage. Davies did not play in his brief time in Los Angeles and with the Galaxy heading into the playoffs as one of the favourites to win the MLS Cup I guess they were willing to pick up a more expensive player that very well might feature at some point or two down the stretch for LA. And to me kudos to Toronto for identifying the chance to go cheaper and younger in Davies in exchange for a player that TFC did not think was worthy of his wage and roster spot.

So one bench player gets exchanged for a younger player with arguably more upside who is on a significantly smaller wage packet. Paul Mariner earned his wage packet me thinks yesterday.



Back in April I reported first in this space that midfielder Elbekay Bouchiba, who the Reds signed in the off season last winter soon after Aron Winter joined the team, was expecting to be ready to return to training with the first team in early September. And true to his word when he told me the timeline for his return face to face back in April it was reported that Bouchiba did indeed train with the first team today at BMO Field ahead of the MLS game Saturday versus Colorado.

Bouchiba might even feature for the club in October before the MLS and Champions League seasons come to an end. Considering he did not feature all season due to a training camp injury hopefully he can get fit and get a chance to contribute before TFC runs out of games this year. Its nice to see him not on crutches for once.

Here is Bouchiba himself courtesy of TFC-TV.


Let us know what you think of the trade and the possible debut next month of Bouchiba. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated in this space.


  1. I met Bouchiba in early April at BMO Field when he was just out of surgery for about a week. He was shuffling around on crutches. Had a great chat with him and he was excited for September to get here. Now it has and true to his word he is on the pitch.

    He is real experienced and might have some real quality to bring to the table. Its like a brand new player with him eh?

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