Well so much for patience.

In what will now be the sixth documented instance since 2006, Dwayne De Rosario confirmed this afternoon that he has opened what he refers to as a conversation with Toronto FC for a possible re-negotiation of his contract with the Reds.

On the It’s Called Football show this afternoon (you can find it at http://www.canadiansoccernews.com and a free podcast  download on iTunes) DeRo confirmed that he has already had discussions with the club surrounding a new deal since the end of the 2010 season for the Reds. And as he is already at a maximum non-designated player deal already that means that De Rosario is  of course looking for a DP deal himself.

In a post last month I blogged about the previous five documented occasions since 2006 where DeRo has publicly shown his dissatisfaction with his contract status, both in Houston and now here in Toronto. On four occasions now he has tried to renegotiate contracts still in force that he had signed of his own free will. The details of the previous attempts by DeRo and his people to renegotiate his deals can be found here: http://viewfromthesouthstands.com/2010/10/no-go-for-de-ro/

On the podcast today noted TFC observer Duane Rollins correctly stated that, other than the decisions surrounding the open positions in the front office, the contract status of Dwayne De Rosario would arguably be the single biggest decision that the club would have to address this off season. I could not agree more.

As I have stated on a number of previous occasions I feel no player should feel themselves bigger than the badge they are wearing, yet I can’t shake the feeling that DeRo does not agree with me. Now I personally do not begrudge anyone making as much money as they can and if DeRo can make good coin for himself  and his family in what is now a career closer to the end then the start then I certainly wish him well.

But there are ways to do it. And I think again DeRo is choosing the wrong, somewhat selfish, path to take, and it is a path that may make the progress on the field we as fans of the club are so desperate for them to make that much harder to accomplish. As of today TFC is being run of course on an interim basis by Earl Cochrane. Consultant Jürgen Klinsmann has apparently only just began his role with the club and the search for a “philosophy” and/or a “style pf play” is well underway. We do not know who will be running the club on or off the field come March 2011. And in fact we do not even know exactly when we will even have a new management team in place. And even with the front office turmoil there are still  huge decisions that the interim management team need to make starting next week with the expansion and re-entry drafts to name but two.

And with De Rosario now publicly calling for a DP deal once again there is now one more added headache for the front office to deal with. My question for for Dwayne if given the chance would be does he think is it really helpful for the captain of the club to be again publicly stating at this critical time that he wants the club to show him the money?


  1. I wish for once this stuff could wait till after the season’s over, the guy loves his own attention and sucks the spotlight away about his salary. Show some professional class De Ro and you might actually get somewhere. After the fans complain about ticket prices he continues to complain about his $400,000 plus salary. Sheesh

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