Vancouver Whitecaps fans are today bleating over the draw last night on Montreal that ceded the Voyageurs Cup once again to Toronto FC. They are all up in arms (again…what else is new) this morning claiming that Montreal was wasting time at the end of the game last night instead of giving Vancouver a fair chance to win the match and head to Toronto next week still in the hunt for the Voyageurs Cup. Vancouver fans seem to conveniently forget that if the WhiteCaps actually took care of their business and actually won a game in the tournament then last night would have been academic and the tournament would have been decided next week at BMO Field. Vancouver has scored twTFC Cupo goals in three games and yet they feel like victims…. again! Give me a break.

TFC’s Paul Bierne tweeted today that they are in contact with the CSA to look into  perhaps using next week’s now meaningless game against Vancouver as an opportunity to perhaps play their Academy side against the Whitecaps. I think that the CSA should definitely allow this considering that the game is meaningless and allowing young players looking to make a name for themselves would definitely improve the quality of the spectacle on offer. For that matter Vancouver should be allowed to run out their vaunted Academy side as well.

This years tournament did not of course hold the drama that the 2009 edition of the tournament did, but Toronto proved in winning when it needed to that it is the side most deserving of the title. Now it is on to Honduras and a two game qualifier against Amado Guevara’s Motagua side out of Honduras.

I was unable to get to Montreal last season for the “Montreal Miracle”. Seeing the club I support lift a trophy in their home ground next week in front of their fans is something that I have been wanting to see since I heard that MLS was coming to Toronto.

The game will be beside the point next week. The real action will be in the south stands.



  1. EnoughIsEnough

    Perhaps ML$ & Greed can refund some of the ticket price since those who purchased $80 tickets to the game didn’t know they were going to see a $5 CSL squad!

  2. I’d rather see the TFC Reserves play and not the academy.

  3. As a supporter, I would like nothing more than to give the senior squad a rest and let any injuries have more time to heal.

    However, the fan in me would be a little PO’d that I’d pay all that money for the tix, parking, and over-priced concessions to watch a couple of academy teams play. I would still be supportive and open-minded, but I suspect that many of the “fans” would fall in the PO category.

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