A recent portrait of Bill Archer
A recent portrait of Bill Archer

For the record, I hate many of the fans that support The Columbus Crew. Many of their most ardent supporters are parochial, arrogant, ignorant, provincial and jealous of others, and  especially when it comes to Toronto FC. Some of them I am sure are pretty nice people but the nice ones they get drowned out by the noise coming from a select few.

 The inferiority complex displayed by many Crew fans stems from I think a deep seeded feeling that the overall poor support they receive from their community in comparison to Toronto for example, makes them feel that they might at some point lose their club. They are day one members of the league and are an “old guard” side that feel resistant to change and new approaches that they cannot hope to possibly benefit from or be able to implement. Brash Canadians come to the league in 2007 and by the thousands show the old guard how support can be generated and sustained and they get pissed off.

The fact that they have never lost to TFC (ARGH) and have even won the league two years ago appears to not be enough for many. They still have a great club on the pitch (far better than TFC unfortunately) with some wonderful players and they have been near or top of the league table the past couple of seasons for very good reason. Robbie Rogers and Chad Marshall for example could play for my club any day of the week. Frankly those two would fill our two largest glaring needs…. But I digress.

The problems between the fans of these two clubs have been well documented and I won’t do so again in this space. Suffice it to say there will always be a visceral dislike between them and us. And that is okay by me.

With Montreal coming into MLS in 2012, the Impact automatically become our natural rivals and I think that is not going down too well in parts of central Ohio today. The hyperbole of some TFC fans that state that this new Montreal rivalry is a body blow to the Crew is to me extremely overblown. Empty seats and marketing to the Soccer moms will be their downfall, not TFC fans losing interest in the Crew. Perhaps The Nordecke misses us already. Who knows? But one “infamous” Columbus pundit, Bill Archer, crossed the line today between criticism and pure hate.

On BigSoccer he wrote the following:

 “…If you want a hearty laugh, you should check out what TFC fans are saying about how this (the Montreal expansion announced earlier this morning by Don Garber) is a death blow to Columbus because we won’t have them as rivals any more….Honestly, is their arrogance up there absolutely bottomless?

Their whole team could go down in a fiery plane crash tomorrow and nobody down here would give a crap one way or the other…”

To him I will say the following.

Bill, I hope that the Crew moves to St. Louis, Atlanta, Miami or some other city that will hopefully provide the support that the franchise deserves. You and your ilk can count on a couple of concerts on that stage next to the Nordecke I guess as consolation.

I actually feel really sorry for you. Your hate will die with your franchise. All in due time. 

And to BigSoccer Inc. I say that you should be ashamed to employ a douchebag such as this and actually pay him. You are an absolute disgrace of a company.


  1. Cashcleaner

    If this entry hasn’t been posted up on Big Soccer by now, it should be.

    Envy. That’s all it really boils down to with quite a few Crew fans. They sat huddled alone for years in an empty Crew Stadium, enduring year after year of hardship and financial instability, bitterly assuring themselves that THIS is the proper way to support a team.

    Then suddenly Toronto comes around. The TFC fans are rowdy. They travel away in large groups. They out-sing the Crew supporters in their own stadium. Now the Crew fans start to realize that maybe all these years they’ve been doing it all wrong. But instead of maning up and try to outdo their rivals in the stands and away from home, they carp and complain and rail against the myriad injustices they perceive.

    Envy. Simple as that.

  2. To Jimmy Sing. I edited your post not because I was against you calling me a “f*g” (frankly I don’t care what you think of me), but I want to keep the language on the site safe for work and for younger fans.

    If you can’t express yourself cleanly, don’t do so at all.

  3. The KKKrew are a disgrace to MLS. Frankly, Garber shoulda forced the Crew to sell the team to Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, rather than creating an expansion team in Toronto.

    TFC woulda still paid a ‘membership fee’ (as opposed to expansion fee), but at least they wouldn’t have to start from scratch, they’d be competitive straight-away (like Houston).

    The KKKrew are the most hated team in MLS. Chicago had a natural rivalry with them, largely for the same reason TFC fans do. Cause we out numbered them and they feel bad about it.

    Of course, Toronto embarrassed them far worst than Chicago ever did…lol

    And where the heck is Columbus? I can’T even point them out in a map. Most American’s can’t either and its their own country…lol

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