Post game video thoughts after TFC’s Emphatic 5-1 victory in the CONCACAF Champions League at BMO Field and what the low attendance might mean for the future of the club


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  1. ravi_aujla

    I didn’t go to the game for one reason and one reason only: I will not spend another dime on tickets for this team this season, and I am on falling off the fence for the first time in 6 years about spending money on tickets for next season.

    This will be a normal thing for games being purchased outside of the the ST package IMO. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the ST numbers drop for next season as well. The non-supporters are fed up of paying for crap. Results matter and TFC have consistently not produced them. plain and simple.

  2. I was at the game and was thrilled to be there to see this game. The atmosphere in the supporters section was great and best of all we won! That being said, I think the reasons why there were not many people at this game are many.

    In my opinion, the biggest reason has to be the advertising and media coverage of this championship. Other than some newspaper advertising, there wasn’t much. As well, I really don’t think that people really know a lot about this championship (other than diehard soccer fans) and how Toronto FC was able to make it to this stage. There needs to be better education about Concacaf and Television coverage of this Canadian and international tournament to get people interested.

    I watch TV every morning and twice at night and very rarely see any mention or any reporting of upcoming Toronto FC games on CTV, Global, CityTV or CBC. The only time you will see TFC mentioned is if it is a very extra special game at the Rogers Centre or if David Beckham is in town etc.

    The question has to be asked, why does the television media only promote, report and show endless highlights of the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors games every day throughout the summer and fall and not Toronto FC? I understand that Baseball and Basketball are very popular sports during these months, but it is not the only game in town! If more people saw highlights and television stations talked more about soccer and Toronto FC games every day like they do the Blue Jays and The Raptors, I believe more people would become interested in attending games and seeing what it is all about.

  3. There have been countless number of screw-ups by the MLSE FO. The average fan has had enough. 5342 is a way of showing it. I was not surprised at the low numbers, but I do worry about the future of TFC. I love football, and want to continue supporting TFC, but the breaking point is the price of Season Seats (outside of supporter section) have been paying for below quality football along with 6 years of FO incompetence. They’ve ruined the game day experience, and it’s going to take a miracle to bring back the fans who have been turned off.

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