My video look back at the loss in Los Angeles Saturday evening that saw TFC’s slim mathematical chances of a late season run getting them into the back door of the MLS playoffs to an end in a 3-0 loss to Chivas USA.

Instead of taking much of a look back at a forgettable game I instead speak about the losing gamble that Aron Winter took with his lineup Saturday evening and how anything less than a win on Tuesday in the Champions League versus Pumas will likely open him up to a huge torrent of criticism from the fans based on the choices he made Saturday in California.


Your comments are always welcome and of course appreciated.


  1. Hi Tim,

    I hope you can ask Aron Winter these questions at next weeks town hall meetings.


  2. The playoffs were non exsistent back in March…Winter had a total rebuild to do and to expect playoff action during this season was unreasonable…What Winter has done is bring in quality players for 2012.
    Were still in the Concacaf CL which is far more important then the MLS playoffs..Should have Winter sat his better players/leave them in Toronto..YES…but it was his call…playing Terry Dunfield is no loss
    as he is useless and will be released in the off season..Winter can take any critisizing..that goes with the job…but the supporters have to be realistic..your point of not many fans dont have Gol tv?? what kind of supporters are they if they dont have the station that carries the clubs games? not good ones thats for sure..its not like it costs and arm and a leg to get it..yet these same supporters will pay $9 for a beer at BMO?? TFC will beat Pumas on tuesday and Tauro will be Dallas to keep us going into the Dallas match….TFC will raise its game Tuesday…!! just Believe!!

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