Toronto FC finds another way to lose late, blowing an early lead to lose 2-1 in San Jose.

In this post game video blog I take a look at another Toronto FC disaster that led to the Reds play an atrocious second half, concede two easily defended goals, start a player who ended up being a pivotal part of the negative outcome instead of more seasoned choices on the bench and I try and put this string of terrible late losses into some sort of context.



  1. Great work. I’d like to hear your view about what our best possilbe line-up would be this year, with all newcomers and injuries avaiable. And how do you think this line-up would fare?

  2. What is going on with team, it’s becoming a joke. Another centre back. Ryan Nelsen is
    saying the defense is the problem, I agree to a certain extent, but the
    biggest problem is the midfield. TFC CAN’T KEEP POSSESSION. TFC are
    being bullied on the pitch. They play kick and run football.

    Please answer me this is Ryan Nelsen any different than Paul Mariner. It’ again typical British football.

    What is in Nelsen’s and Payne’s head to think that Tal Ben Haim and Steven
    Caldwell will be positive signings. Is Califf and BOSS not good enough
    to start. For me these two signings are over the hill players in the
    down ward of their careers. Yes, they have experience, but their slow
    and even if they played last night nothing would have changed the

    I don’t know what to say anymore about this team, it’s desperate moves. They need to get down to basics.


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