In this post game video blog I take a look back at what was perhaps Toronto’s most complete ninety minute performance of the season as the Reds defeated Montreal 3-0 at the newly renovated Stade Saputo.

In this V-Blog I heap particular praise on Toronto’s midfield of Avila, Frings de Guzman and Dunfield and how their play (particularly defensively) allowed the beleaguered Toronto back line a much easier time than they arguably have had all season. I talk about how Koevermans and Johnson are starting to really click offensively and I try and temper the  immediate dose of optimism that a win like this can bring with the reality check of reminding us all that the Impact are still an expansion team.

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  1. They played great last night.. If the players feel better with Paul, that’s fine.. whatever gets them the “W”.. I am not a fan of Paul’s coaching style myself, but as long as things continue this way, then I’m fine. GO REDS!

  2. It wasn’t the prettiest way to do it, but if it works it works. At this point, that’s all we really want from TFC

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