You know if the waterlogged shoe was on the other foot I probably would be feeling a little pissed off too. Picture this for a moment TFC fans. If instead last night’s game to decide who is Canadian Professional Soccer Champion was played in Vancouver instead of Toronto and TFC was up a goal when the game was called due to rain, an unplayable playing surface and lightning strikes close to the stadium, I would probably feel a little hard done by.

But I would not bleat and whinge about what I thought was a conspiracy to screw Toronto FC. I would not opine that the CSA hates TFC and is out to make sure they lose. I would not carry a chip on my shoulder that the rules for a tournament that my club freely signed off on were enforced based on the conditions on the ground and that their fair enforcement was some sort of conspiracy to do in the club I support.

I would feel unlucky. That’s where it would end. I would try to use this unlucky circumstance as a motivator and I would hope that the club I support would do the same.

But that is not what is apparently happening out west today. Here below are some selected comments from Whitecaps supporters from the public Southsiders fan message board. I think the sense of entitlement, childishness and dare I say it arrogance coming through in these posts speaks to the fact that their soccer supporter culture has a ways to go before it can be called anything near mature. Yes the Whitecaps are by North American standards a mature franchise with a history and a record of success that should be applauded. But it seems to me based on responses like those below that their fan culture is in a lot of ways still in its infancy. And infancy is what I am hearing from quotes like the ones below.

See for yourselves:

“…its scams like this that turn casual fans off the game in North America…”

“…Saturday, July 2, at 12:30 PM EST at BMO Field.  Wow what an early kickoff. Rigged for TFC no doubt…”

“…This will work in TFC’s advantage…Seems that all the officials, everybody conspires against us in the MLS and Nutralite, they don’t call penalty shots in our favor, we get red cards for everything, crappy biased officials and now the bloody weather in Pig Town..”

“…If Toronto wants to show some class, they can let in an early goal at the start of the game. But I doubt they’ll have that class…”

The last quote obliquely refers to a circumstance from a game in England in 2007 when in a Carling Cup game one of the players involved, Clive Clarke, had an on field heart attack that led to the match being cancelled and rescheduled. Once the game was played a second time in a moment of now famous sportsmanship Liecester City allowed Nottingham Forest to walk a ball into the net to give them the 1-0 lead they had in the original game before it was so understandably called off. With all due respect to Vancouver, these circumstances are a lot different and comparing the two, even in jest is very disrespectful. No one almost died last night, with perhaps the exception of thousands of damp TFC fans and, who knows, anyone who might have been singed by an errant lightning bolt (no reports of this happening… thank god!).

Upon getting home Wednesday evening, and after drying off, I went online to try and gauge the response to the events that transpired from both a Toronto and Vancouver perspective. And until that moment I did not consider the Whitecaps much of a rival for Toronto FC. They are thousands of miles away halfway across a huge continent. They have their petty rivalry with Montreal and their established ones with Portland and Seattle to keep them occupied. We have Montreal and (gulp) Columbus to keep us busy. But after reading the juvenile responses coming from the left coast last night I am near enough to full on loathe mode to consider them a true rival from this day on.

The comments of some of their most ardent supporters smack of the whining of a trust fund baby from an old monied family who is blathering on that they have to settle for a new BMW instead of a Bentley and that the world is out to make sure that their pampered asses are not wrapped in English leather but in German vinyl instead. Poor babies!

No sir I don’t like them. I don’t like them one single bit.

July 2nd can’t come soon enough.


  1. This is shockingly hypocritical. TFC supporter forums are littered with whining, bitching, moaning etc. Don’t pretend to be any better; by doing that you’re worse.
    I agree that the Leicester game is different, and it’s a bit irrational to call the weather a conspiracy, but that kind of reaction isn’t unique to Whitecaps fans.

    The worst part of this whole debacle is that it makes Torontards think the Whitecaps care any more about you than an irritating bump on the road to continental competition.

    We’re a little pissed off. I’m sure we’ll be fine after July 2nd.

    Peace and God Bless

  2. Although I was drenched to the skin, you’ll get no complaint from me. What a great result. Sorry Vancouver.

  3. Hey Groovers,

    Suck it.

    No love,

    The rest of the universe.

  4. As one of the few hundred who stayed to the bitter and exceedingly moist end, and the one whose car seats are still drying out after driving you home I have to say that last night’s “invisible” game (for the stats at least) actually had a couple of plus points for me !!!!

    1. Increased camaraderie within the TFC supporters: Those of us who stayed may have been RPB, U-Sector, NEE or unaffiliated but we laughed joked and bitched about the weather together and for those 12 minutes of the second half where we all huddled together in 113 and sang our lungs out, I almost forgot about the rain driving into my face and the fact that my clothes weighed about 5 times as much at that moment as they had done when walking into the stadium at 7:30. It was a miserable night weatherwise, but the fans turned a that into positive energy.

    2. A natural rivalry is born …. As you point out we have Columbus and Montreal and both are somewhat contrived, manufactured or irrelevant. However this one might just be real despite what the left coasters say. I have been to Vancouver and enjoyed and appreciated the city as well as the scenery outside of it, but I found that the people really do loathe Toronto, whether it be sports, politics or business. Not for them the realisation that most of us are just working stiffs the same as them but the parochial attitude that we are all somehow as arrogant and entitled as the high powered citizens that DO exude that aura in TO and who we hate as much as they do. I am not going to waste oxygen on hating the Shitecaps, but I will take a fair degree of smug satisfaction each and every time we beat them from now on (as they will no doubt do if the result is in their favour).

    As for walking the ball into the net to restore the 0-1 scoreline, I thought about it and on some levels it seems fair, but I get the feeling that even if we did do that their fans would still bitch about it ….. something along the lines of “you let us score … but its not really fair as you now have 89 minutes left to get back into the game and win …. in the original game you only had 30 minutes left !!!” …… life’s not fair, football is not fair (as we have seen in MLS for 4 years and VW have already seen this season), so deal with it and look forward to the 2nd July TFC fans !

  5. theirishembassy


    classic buddy!! sick burn at the end, you totally showed us that you.. can.. come on a TFC fanblog and do.. something? i didn’t see him claim that TFC fans were better or free of bitching, i only read things written in the first person, things like: “I would feel unlucky” and “I would not”.

    Personally, and this is just me speaking not ALL toronto fans, the part that gets me most here is that it makes you guys care about us more, which is utter bollocks. We don’t even care about you. You’re on another planet right now buddy. you beat us once this season, that’s fantastic and i’m sure they make a special trophy for that type of thing.. but until you win two more voyagers cups and go ahead of us in the table you can keep surfing TFC fanboards, it may do you well to see how proper supporters respond.

  6. Mighty TFC

    Vancouverrites are just poor sportsfans in general…the could not supporter the Grizzlies, the NLL Ravens where vancouver is suppose to be a lacrosse hotbed, bc lions play in a half empty stadium
    so dont take too much coming from the west coast all in Vancouver.. who are ya,who are ya…noooooobody!!!

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