1. Thanks for doing this. It’s tough to keep positive right now. I look forward to your continued updates.

  2. The pass to DeRo for the goal was from Nick Garcia not the new guy.

  3. Going in I thought “10 minutes? That’s a long video blog post.”, but you didn’t hum and haw and waste time. Felt like a good use of 10 minutes.

    It consistently impresses me that you have such a dedicated understanding of football, MLS, and this team, and still manage to stay positive avoid falling into an arms-flailing desperation. I know you speak your mind about a certain Scottish Manager clearly and frankly, but it’s nice to see that a guy with such clear criticism still supports this team with so much heart, at the end of the day.


  4. thanks for another great v-blog! The NE game was amazing in how at halftime we were in such a great spot being up 1-0 on the road, I was actually somewhat impressed by Garcia’s play in the first half, but what a wake up call in the second half! Aside from the terrible giveaways, it was obvious that NE figured out that they needed to be attacking Garcia, they blew by him on numerous occasions. On a positive note, seeing the game in person I am even more impressed with DeRo. His skill level was definitely head and shoulders above any other player on the pitch for either team.

  5. Bgnewf. I commend you on your optimism with your prediction of a 1 – nil TFC victory for the home opener. By the grace of (insert your Creator here) I hope you are correct. Heaven forbid that TFC fails to win on Thursday as it wouldn’t surprise me if we see images of Mo being burnt in effigy by Friday.

    See you at BMO!

  6. Thanks for comments all. And Brian, I indeed stand corrected, it was garcia with a great cross that DeRo headed in to get TFC on the board in the first half.

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