We can sit here and blame the officials and the time wasting dishonourable f**ks from Panama, but to me the reason Toronto FC lost 1-0 this evening in the CONCACAF Champions League is because of Preki. This game is the second time in his time in Toronto (the first being RSL away earlier in the MLS season) when his poor tactical decision making and absolutely wrong lineup choices cost us the win.

The fact that he did not start Mista was again simply inexplicable. Down a goal away and with his last substitute he brings on (due respect to him) Dan Gargan, a defender when we need a goal or two. O’Brien White, Ty Harden, the Latvian, Gabe Gala and Nane Joseph were poor. Kocic was excellent, credit to Preki there at least.

A win or even a draw would have given TFC a real chance tonight to advance out of the group stage and not have to rely on trying to get results in Mexico City or Rio Tinto. Now, just like the MLS playoffs, advancement is now on a knife edge in both and is going to be difficult due to self inflicted wounds.

If Mista was not started or even subbed because Preki was trying to send some sort of message to the players or to Mo and club management that he will do what he wants no matter what anyone else says then Preki has a lot to answer for what happened this evening.

More to follow tomorrow when I am able to think clearly and not end up screaming into my video camera for 10 minutes.


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