Toronto FC sometimes makes even people such as myself feel at a loss of words.

Let us know what you think of the state this franchise finds itself in after another in a long line of gutless losses, this time away to a weak New England Revolution. 


  1. Duncan Green of your better efforts :} sadly it is all true for us supporters…except i believe we will beat Philadelphia next week..gut instinct..2-1 :} e cant even concer yourselfs with playoff talk, that was never ging to ppen before the seson KO anyways..i think we all got carried away with the result vs SKC at the dome..yes we played good, but it was inside ond on plastic crap..that was our edge not the play on the field…

  2. ScottSegal

    It takes work to suck as long as TFC.Is Payne going to come out from hiding? or is he in a corner in the fetal position sucking his thumb?

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