In this video blog I explain what is going on in the mind of maligned MLS official Balderomo Toledo and why he feels the need to ruin Soccer games, plus some perspective on the first third of the season going into the World Cup Break, and how to recognize me at TFC games for the rest of the season.


  1. Nice piece. Agreed Toledo is brutal, but he desn’t appear to be anti-TFC. Just plain awful. The missed calls on the kick to Barrett’s head and DeRo getting steamrolled in the box make you wander how this guy holds down a job!

  2. Blockhead

    Good blog – agreed with most of what you said. I like the small dog analogy for our friend Toledo. Two comments. The first is that Garcia was clocked in the Montreal game not the Philly one. The second is – do you need any help with your hanging baskets?

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