In this final video blog for the 2010 Toronto FC season I briefly cover off the game in DC that saw TFC come from behind to earn the three points. I ponder DeRo and what to do with a 17 goal scorer who wants more $$$’s, I speak to the promise of Nicholas Lindsay, the enigma that is Julian de Guzman, and who needs to get their arses outta BMO Field.

Thank you all for viewing my video blogs this season. There will be a ton of news in the of fseason that I will continue to blog about all fall and winter.

And there is about 90 days until training camp opens in Turkey in mid January. Stay tuned… there will be lots of things to discuss in the days ahead,


  1. I think Jacob Petersen picked up his game somewhat.. remember he came back from a serious injury. I would keep him (mainly because of his speed)..

    If Gargan plays holding midfielder ok but I don’t want to see him as a back next yr either.

    Ibrahim is another that HAS to go.

  2. From one hard-working TFC blog to another, thanks for all the good work you do Tim. It’s not always the most appreciated job (and definitely not well paid!) but independent news about our beloved club is a lifeblood – we truly believe that. A pinch of salt is what supporters’ blogs, forums, news etc. put on the official spin that comes from BMO Field and hopefully help push the cause for a better TFC. Hopefully 2011 will be better but we’ll tell it like we see it along side you and the other independent TFC voices. Cheers for the nice words on our site… right back at ya!

    The Yorkies

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