So MLS newcomers Philly goes to Seattle to play some kick around tonight on the plastic surface at Qwest Field as the MLS season finally kicks off.

The off season this year for TFC fans has felt like an eternity, certainly longer than previous off seasons. The loss to Red Bull in October, and how we lost was definitely not the best memory to have going into a Canadian winter. At the end of season one we had the Dichio injury time wonder-goal against new England to remember.

Dichio Goal Celebration

At the end of season two we had that 3-2 win against Chicago to close out our home games at BMO Field and give us a nice memory to carry through the off season.

And of course last season in that horrible soccer stadium in the swamps of Northern New Jersey, we had the last stands for Chris Cummins, Carl Robinson, Amado Guevara, Pablo Vitti and Adrian Serioux in TFC colours.

Yeah, and did I mention that we lost 5-nil in the biggest game in the history of the franchise?

Season four – Same as it ever was…. Same as it ever was…

And once again Toronto FC has the Columbus Crew away as their first game of the season.

Of course TFC has never beaten the Crew, only drawn them at best in our short history (including last season’s Crew home opener). And it has been a well documented fact for many reasons that this is the franchise TFC fans probably dislike the most. Going into their house on Saturday afternoon with an undeniably thin squad to take on one of the better clubs in the league and getting anything out of this game will be a daunting task.

To win TFC needs to keep it’s shape, keep it’s discipline (no red cards for once please!!!), and try and keep the game tight. And even then it’ll be a big ask for Preki’s boys to get anything out of this game. I for one would be overjoyed with a draw.

The hardcore TFC fan base has been irate and restless all winter. If we lose badly on Saturday I think irate and restless will be replaced for many with “screaming” and “furious”. With due respect to the screamers and furious folks out there I think it will be a bit early to jump off the deep end if we lay an egg down in Ohio on the weekend.

And for those TFC fans going down to Columbus this weekend, make noise and support your club but don’t be baited into anything stupid by wannabe Columbus “hooligans”, inept Crew Security staffers or Rambo-esque Columbus Police Department Officers. Let’s not give the Bob McCown’s and Jim Rome’s of the world anything else negative to say about the sport we love and the fans that love it.


  1. Does Bob McCown really hate soccer or is it just part of his “anti” gimmick? He rails on all sorts of things just for the hell of it but whenever he has a guest on his show talking footy he washes their balls.

    I mean the guy spent years ripping the Olympics, ripping the west coast, etc. Then he goes to Vancouver to broadcast the games and he becomes the biggest cheerleader.

    Jim Rome on the other hand is a twat

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