Post game video thoughts/rants about one of the most disappointing nights to have ever been a Toronto FC supporter as the Reds crash out of the 2013 Voyageurs Cup to the Montreal Impact in embarrassing fashion.


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  1. It was our strong fan base that paved the way for Vancouver and Montreal to join this league. By now, a lot of that fan base has dried up. The casuals are either leaving or gone, and the die-hards are growing increasingly apathetic. We were the original Canadian MLS club, and if this keeps up for 2 or 3 more years, we’ll be the original MLS flop. If that time should come, I hope it doesn’t cast a shadow on future NASL or USL expansion opportunities in other Canadian markets.

    1. wet coast

      tfc had no interest in winning this competition,tfc tried there young players,morgan poo r getting worse,lambe forget it,

  2. Hey Tim,

    You echoed my sentiments exactly.

    The only comment I would make relates to the individual players:

    1) I have made too many excuses for Richter in the last few games. He was incredibly bad last night,beaten so many times I lost count. He was directly responsible for at least 3 goals. His long throw-ins are predictable and ineffective. In short,his play was abominable. He has no place in the TFC lineup as a FB,in fact after last nights performance I would give him his walking papers.

    2) Morgan was almost as bad. Mistake after mistake and very little effort to redeem himself after his poor showing against NY. Tim is right. Morgan has regressed this season. He should not have been in the starting lineup last night but who is left to replace him? The team lacks depth at the FB position and needs help now. If the starters are injured there is no one to replace them adequately.

    3) Bekker continues to disappoint and is getting worse. His lack of any pace is really hurting him. Once a player gets by him, Bekker is unable to recover. His free kicks have been off and ineffective and his passing leaves a lot to be desired. So far he is a bust and a waste of a first round pick.

    4) Bostock is another player that fails to show any attacking aptitude. He rarely takes a shot on goal and when he does its from way out and off target. He will pass the ball into a crowd in the box instead of taking the shot himself or he will try to dribble around the defender,get double teamed and lose the ball. You can’t score if you don’t take the shot when it is presented to you. Bostock doesn’t seem to be able to change his ineffective ways. No wonder Tottenham has essentially written him off. I am sad to say that TFC should do the same.

    5) Lambe like Bostock fails to show any attacking aptitude. He has good defensive skills but lacks the instinct and the ability to make a difference on offense.

    6) One bright spot was the play of Ashton Bennett. In for only a short period of time but showed some definite promise.

    Injuries aside, the reserves don’t have the ability to step up and fill in.
    There isn’t any more to say other then we need better players soon. Laba is not enough.

  3. where to start…no to taking down the Canadian championship flags, we earned them keep them up…Nelsen? he started tis downfall in the first leg by starting his bench players, Earnshaw should have played and maybe a 3rd goal would have broken the Impacts spirit…Nelsen should have realized how important a cup competition is? sadly he did not..
    Ashton Morgan needs reserve team time, Bostock? needs help..O”Dea should have played without question..Payne also has to be questioned in his drafting, he should have taken the best players available, instead of two youg Canadians who have proved they are not ready for this level of football.. Rogers and Bell are corperate , greedy bastards who dont care for TFC at all they ust go..will they likely not :{……….what the Hell..the game is on score?? wtf…. how we feeling? &%*&%*&* fed up !!!! but red till dead

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