In this post game video blog episode I take a look back a memorable day at Rogers Centre that saw the Reds open their home accounts for 2013 with a 2-1 win over Sporting KC, and I ask if the last five minutes of the game were some of the more important minutes in recent TFC history.

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  1. The three substitutions towards the end of the game no doubt contributed to the win, as well, which is a sign of better game managment and a stronger bench.

  2. a great win..a great day @ a shitty venue..but enough on the latter..this team look stronger hen i has been and the future looks good..provded there are no more MLSE screw ups. the 3 subs should have come on around the 60th min mark..we needed fresh legs at that time..but other then that it was a great win.

  3. bgnewf…we didnt give up a last minute goal so why discuss it..we have a much better defence so thos last min goal should be fewer his year..will it happen yes..even Man Utd gives up late goals..a draw would have been acceptable prior to the KO yesterday.but we got the 3..lets not be too xcited about playoffs as we likely wont make it..but thats ok if there is enough improvement in the team leading into 2014..with the effort yesterday i believe we can retain the canadian champonship and get back into the CCL..and that woud make this year a success..

  4. This game was definitely a very important win for TFC, not only for points but as you mentioned psychologically as well. I couldn’t believe it when the referee added 5 minutes of extra time at the end of the game. By the way, you called Darren O’Dea – Danny O’Dee. His name is DARREN and his last name is pronounced O’DEE! I know Luke Wileman and Jason DeVos say it wrong also. I hope this error is corrected for next game. Thanks!

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