For the record, before TFC came along, I have always been a supporter of Arsenal Football Club out of North London. And I still am. And for those of you that follow the European game closely you know that today is a big day. In a rematch of the 2006 UEFA Champions League Final, and a homecoming for Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, my Gunners take on European Champions Barcelona later this afternoon in a quarterfinal first leg match.

This is a massive game. It pits two of the top clubs in Europe against one another in a tie that promises to be a wonderful spectacle. Both clubs play attractive positive football and possess two of the best players in the game, Messi and Fabregas.

And here I am stuck in the office not able to watch it. I just started a new job a few weeks ago and unfortunately I can’t take either a “planned illness” or sudden vacation day to watch the game. I am going to have to do with the ticker from the BBC web site until I can get home and watch the game on delay.

I wore my Arsenal scarf to work today and have it adorning my workstation/cubicle. I would sell my soul to watch this game at the pub with my boys but it is just not going to happen. This is the most important club competition on Earth. And if my Arsenal defy the odds and get to the final in Madrid I have a huge dilemma.

You see this season UEFA decided to schedule the Champions League Final on a Saturday. Saturday May 22nd to be precise.

Guess who else plays that day???


Toronto FC take on the New England Revolution at 4:00 PM at BMO Field. The very same day of the Champions League Final.

The tickets may be already sold but I think there will be a lot of empty seats for the match against the Revs.

I know this has been mentioned previously but I think that it is little things like this that really bother soccer fans. Having to choose between the sport/the club you support overseas and your home club. And perhaps feeling guilty if you don’t go to the TFC game because you feel you are letting your home team down.

Let’s all hope that MLS and MLSE take a few more minutes next season make sure that these sorts of conflicts don’t reoccur.

You have to get the little things right.


  1. Don’t worry Timmy, you will have no conflict and you can safely watch TFC without missing any ARSE games that day. I personally guarantee it. I love my two away goals.

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