In this video blog I take a look back at the significant number of positives from the 1-1 draw against Columbus on Saturday that TFC can take from the game, I once again find myself talking about MLS officiating (even though I don’t want to!) and I try and put the recent security clampdown at BMO Field into some sort of perspective.

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  1. JDG did very well yesterday, and his simple passing game was efficient and effective. A nice lofted pass for Tchani’s goal, but I felt the Crew defender badly misplayed it; nonetheless, the finish was excellent.

    I see you gave a glowing report of Gargan. I guess we weren’t watching the same game. He’s poor on the ball when under modest pressure, had some bad giveaways and simply got beaten to balls that looked to be much better than 50/50 in his favour . His biggest asset is his determination, and that’s a good thing. Rogers is overrated, IMO: sure, he’s been capped by the States, but let’s face, they try to cap tie every available player, and I never thought he was that good. Oddly, the Crew opt to play Ekpo more centrally where I believe he is less influential (he got subbed in the second half) yet his speed and trickery make him a problem for a guy like Gargan. To me, he’s strictly a squad backup.

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