Some emotional video from the south stands on Saturday which saw my beloved Toronto FC retain possession of the Voyageurs Cup and once again embark on a campaign in CONCACAF.

I this video blog I have video of Dan Gargan and Donell Henry visiting the Capo stand in section 113. I have video from both penalties, saved and converted. And I finish off with some commentary heaping praise particularly on one Richard Eckersley.


Your comments are always welcome in this apace. Let us know what you think!


  1. Mighty TFC

    Great win..maybe the doom sayers will get off Winters back and realize hes building the team the right way where previous managers didnt…i leave Carver out of that as he didnt get proper time and the refs were pissing him off….TFC played 100% as a team and it paid off…well done reds..

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