In this post game video blog I take a look back at TFC’s surprising short-handed victory over Columbus that saw just about every Toronto player exceed expectations in a 2-0 result. I also take a look at some suprisingly creative tactical innovations/selections from Mr. ‘4-4-2’ Nelsen that worked quite well and I try and put this unprecedented nine points – two shutouts – two road wins season start into some sort of historical context. 

Your comments are always welcome in this space. Please let us know what you thought of the game.


  1. Hey Tim you forgot to name Jackson who I think was are best player last night he worked he’s butt off. Cheers mate keep up the good work

  2. Duncan Green

    great surprising win..that said after being a goal up..tfc tried to defend and more or less stopped attacking..this will prove costly against tougher opponents like SKC<NYRB<Houston<Chicago..Cesar was brilliant in goal…quickier defoe is back the better

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