In this belated post game video blog I take a look back at the trip that well over 1,000 Toronto FC fans, including yours truly, took to Montreal this past holiday weekend.

I also take a brief look back a the game, point you towards some required reading, and try and speculate what the nightmare scenario of a zero wins and five losses record for TFC in the league might mean for the immediate future of this team.


And as promised below is some exclusive video I shot last Saturday documenting what it was like in the Away Supporters section at Olympic Stadium from when we all exited the Metro to the point that the game was over. Hope you enjoy it.



  1. Hahaha. And here I was expecting just 5 minutes of Tim weeping. 😉

    Separate entrance/exit and making the away support wait before leaving was key. It’s the stuff that DOESN’T happen that defines good security, this was good security.

    “panicking solves nothing” is a smart motto to use with this team. Make changes, by all means. But do it with intelligence, and do it with an appropriate long-term outlook. Always makes me shake my head, especially outside the transfer window, when fans start saying things like “we need another DP… NOW!!”, as though there are game-changing guys already on the reserve roster that Winter just hasn’t been starting. Or to say it with a little less sarcasm, as though Winter has his pick, on any given day, of Tier 1 players asking for a chance to play for us.

    This isn’t Magic the Gathering. Assembling and finessing (and yes, REassembling and REfinessing in case of injury or failure) a team always takes time. And I trust this coaching crew more than any we’ve had to do that in a way that will bring results.

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