In today’s video blog I try and find something interesting from a lackluster match, I postulate on the impending entry of potentially another Designated Player and I try and send a message to the TFC front office about some security problems that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

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  1. Seems the security where a little up tight at the game. At one point there where three security guards up in the stand right in front of me,Pete and Nick looking for someone and it was brought to my attention someone overheard them about the two guys with there hoods up in our area. Funny about the shirt as there where two guys just over from me with there shirts off and nothing was said to them.

  2. I had my shirt off in 113 and they didn’t say anything to me directly. I’m not sure why the security guards were in my row (row 5 or so), but there were 2 of them sort of… waiting? And the guy on the fence was pointing to someone further along. Maybe something was thrown…

    It’s also possible they just wanted to be a little bit closer to the hot shirtless action. Just saying.

    As far as shirts go, my thinking is like this: I can’t bring an umbrella (as I shouldn’t), but I want to be out for the next few hours, and I don’t want to be out in a soaking shirt. So I take it off and ball it up. It’s dry when it stops raining. Easy.

  3. CowTipper

    A handful of us went shirts off in 127 with no issues. The alleged bird flipping from a security guard is a concern.

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