In this post game video blog episode I get somewhat angry at Santos Laguna striker Herculez Gomez for a diss on TFC in Spanish. I also try and figure out the Jeckyl and Hyde defensive performances in the Champions League versus MLS play. I take a quick look ahead to the next three games versus the Crew, away in Mexico and of course the derby in Montreal on Easter Weekend. And I express some surprise as to the poor ticket sales in Montreal.


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  1. Jay Murray

    Hey, Gomez did shuffle his players off after the match, give him that at least.

  2. That wasn’t even the worst thing Gomez said after the match! This is from

    “I don’t know how much you guys know about our home crowd and the city we live in,” Gomez said, “but it’s probably not the smartest idea picking a dogfight.”

    Which, considering what Torreon and its population is like, is essentially a subtle threat.

    I stuck up for Gomez on various boards after his classy public comments and tweets about the city of Toronto and about taking TFC seriously as an opponent. No more. Outside of serious ego bruising and sour grapes, I don’t see how a guy goes from class to ass overnight. It’s looking like his gracious behaviour before the match was the public face of an overconfident blowhard.

    Santos Laguna’s fans spamming TFC’s Facebook page, their players diving, playing dirty, and starting a post-game fight, and now their star striker being a classless braggart coming into the home leg. I have no respect for any of them any more, and I hope Santos Laguna gets rumbled next Wednesday.

  3. D Cochrane

    I hope we take a piece of gomez everytime we get a chance.WE should tackle hard and when they touch us we should do the flop and see how the refs handle that.

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