Some plaudits for Julian de Guzman, who played very well Saturday past as TFC lost its eighth straight MLS League tilt, including four shutouts at home.

I try and (unsuccessfully) understand Aron Winter’s tactics plus I set up Wednesday’s key fixture against Montreal in the V-Cup which might turn out to be a watershed moment for this team.

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  1. Well done as usual Tim.
    I am also definetely against the “Lets Go Blue Jays” chants and let a guy in front of me in 112 know it.
    Like you said it you want to cheer the Jays, go to a Rogers and not BMO.

    Let’s be loud and proud Wednesday night.
    Montreal is on a roll, but we can beat them.
    Hope we don’t end up in a defensive shell like last game in Montreal.
    We need to score first to avoid that.

  2. great blog yet again Tim.. I felt horrible hearing the “supporters” chanting for the Jays… being a supporter means win OR lose…. I support our lads.. I personally like Winter.. I see what he wants to do.. I just wish he had more time, and the proper talent to do it.. his vision could make us into a great great club.. if he goes, I will be heart broken.. I understand the frustration with him.. but ANOTHER coaching change would kill us.. we’ve gone through so many coaches, and with the same result.. why not let him run out his 3 years and then move on if that is the case.. getting rid of him now will just hinder us.. just my opinion.. I feel terrible for the lads.. you can tell by the looks on their faces in their post game interviews how much it’s bothering them..Frings throwing the arm band was painful.. but I don’t think it was him being disrespectful.. I think he was in pain, and just wanted to get treatment.. I dunno.. I’m sure he is frustrated as well.. I’m sure they are ALL frustrated..the boo’s hurt my heart : but it’s understandable.. I too would never boo my club.. no matter how much they suck.. I just can’t do it.. I have been a Spurs supporter since BIRTH.. and have been through 5 years of my Spurs being at the bottom of the table.. yet the stands in WHL were full…. the supporters continued to sing, and show their love for the squad.. and look where they are now!.. fighting for 3rd place!!!!.. it’s amazing.. I’m rambling now.. COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!

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