Thoughts on the late second goal by the Houston Dynamo that saw TFC lose another chance at a victory.

In this post I also take a look at the good from the game that is sadly lost due to the way this game ended. And I take a brief look ahead to the defense of Toronto FC’s Voyageurs Cup title and why this campaign may be the hardest yet.

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  1. one of the better games at BMO in quite some time…but the defending in injury time, is driving us up the wall..just clear the ball down to the houston corner flag and hold it !!! we need a proper captain/leader on the back line as the current players are NOT stepping up and taking the chance, this has to change, a trade for a proper captain might be necessary. as far as the Canadian Championship..i still believe we are still the favorites, Montreal and Vancouver are not impressive, dont see enough of FC Edmonton to comment, but hope they can pull a cup upset..

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