In this post game video blog I take a look back at Toronto FC’s victory Wednesday evening in Panama that saw the Reds get the precious three points in spite of the brutal CONCACAF officiating. I also speak about Andy Iro, Danny Koevermans and of course the critical absence of Torsten Frings. And I try and describe the epic fail that was CONCACAF official Marco Brea and I take a brief look ahead at the trip to Chicago and next week’s Champions League tilt at home versus FC Dallas.

I also ask how is it that the average soccer fan in Central America can actually enjoy as entertainment the style of footy on offer down there that is made up of almost nothing else other than gamesmanship, unsporting behavior and a lack of respect to their opponents.


Your comments are always welcome and appreciated in this space. Please let me know what you thought of the game.


  1. Andrew Thfc Muir

    My understanding is that Panamanian officials used in their competitions are more familiar with their diving style, and don’t call it as much. Since it isn’t called as much, they don’t do it near as often in local competition. In international competition, the players know they don’t have an experienced official, so they will take advantage of that inexperience with the Panamanian football brand, and flop all over the pitch. It’s not an issue within their league, but it is internationally.

  2. While the Panamian display was disgraceful and the ref was atrocious, TFC’s backline was too loose. They gave up far too many balls and there were exposed gaps everywhere. When they play a team of higher caliber, these deficiencies are going to be exploited. To be successful in CONCACAF tourny play, TFC must tighten up their backfield and play hard for all 90+ minutes. They let their foot off the peddle many times and it showed. As well they have to learn to man mark tighter without drawing needless fouls. Experience will help TFC in gaining this skill as it is a young squad.

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