Since I started this blog I have tried to use this space as a way for me to document my journey as a Toronto FC supporter and what it means to me to support this team through the good and bad.With that purpose in mind I have tried to not talk about other clubs or other competitions that do not involve TFC.

But TFC does not exist within 1985!a vacuum and in this one exceptional case I want to take a moment to talk about another club that is as close to my heart as TFC is, and that is the Canadian National Team.

As many of you know I hail from that glorious granite rock in the North Atlantic called Newfoundland. And in my first semester of University in 1985 (yes I am that old!) I was exceptionally lucky enough to have seen with my own eyes the game in St. John’s that saw my beloved Canada qualify for its first and to date only appearance in the FIFA World Cup. That game was the first time I had ever seen a soccer game live as a matter of fact and it as the beginning of my personal journey that has seen this sport become the great passion for me that it is today.

On that day in St. John’s due to geography and demographics I guess the fans in the stands were about 99.9% behind the boys in Red. And as we all know Canada was victorious on that wonderful cold fall afternoon next to Quidi Vidi Lake. Now in just over a weeks time Canada will be playing another match, this time here in Toronto as the Men’s team prepares for the Gold Cup and the qualification campaign for the 2014 World Cup.

This time the opponent is Ecuador and I hope that as Toronto FC supporters you consider going to this game and cheering on your national team. Even if you originally hail from another country and you have affections for another soccer nation over Canada then if you are not from Ecuador then at least I ask that you consider making the Canadian Team at least your second team and help us try and start recreating the home field advantage I saw back in 1985 to such wonderful effect!

And with that in mind I want you to check out a video that I was proud to have been involved in that was put together by dozens of local Canadian National supporters and members of the local “soccer media” that I hope makes the case as to why as TFC fans and fans of the beautiful game you need to get out and support the Canadian National Team, starting next week at BMO Field in the friendly versus Ecuador.


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