One of the game day traditions for TFC fans that stand in the south end of the stadium most games is to march to the ground together, singing, chanting and waving our flags en masse. Some games it happens, some it does not. But when rivals like Montréal come to town it is a guarantee that it’ll happen.

And so it did. After congregating at the south end of the GO Train tunnel the groups started heading towards the south end of the stadium. The Impact supporters, such as they were (probably 50 in number), were congregated in the away fans area of section 104, in the northeast corner of the stadium. We had to march by them and they were anywhere from 70-80 feet above us as we marched by below.

The Impact fans upgraded their signage this year from a garbage bag in 2009 to a sheet in 2010 with a witty message on it… “Toronto Failure Club”. At least that was a bit of a step up from last year.

Any time these groups get within any proximity of one another there is always taunting and cat calling back and forth. It is the same when the Leafs and Habs play. It gets off colour and it gets mean but that is usually as far as it goes. Last night a few select Impact fans crossed the line in my book.

They spit on us.

A number of Impact supporters proceeded to spit upon us from above as we marched by on our way into the stadium.  It was gross, cowardly and disrespectful.

Not everybody was doing it. Nor should everyone in that group be tarred with the same brush, but when identifiable members of a recognized supporter group do this sort of thing the onus is on the group itself  to police its members and haul them back from crossing the line. That did not take place.

On the pitch the classy behaviour continued. A sucker punch, reckless tackles, and a TFC player getting a leg laceration to the bone for 22 stitches was all that the Impact could muster.  And incredibly their coach stated post game that TFC was getting favourable calls from the officials simply because they were in MLS and the Impact were not. I hope he looks at the game again on video and counts how many more cards TFC got than Montreal and of course the sucker punch on Garcia.

I will be posting a video blog later this evening with my comments on the game itself in more detail, but I did want to show Chad Barrett’s wonderful effort and excellent finish that saw TFC salt away the win and start their defence of the Voyageurs Cup with three points at home.

After being spit on I will let Barrett’s goal stand as my reply.

Stay classy mon petit freres.


  1. He made three Impact defenders look terrible on the goal and he dropped his shoulder twice to deke them out….

    I am just pissed he did not score two as that was my call going into the game.


  2. The Montreal fans also had a flag of St. George next to their latest banner fail. Odd but their you go.

    Their coach questioning that red card after the match was priceless. I couldn’t help but think “Someone from Quebec is moaning and whingeing? Now I’ve heard everything…”

  3. jvanpeebles

    Had a run in myself in the parking lot with this group myself. One of them actually swung and struck me with his scarf while another ran up and slapped one of their stickers on my chest. Last I checked this was assault. Happened right in front of the security and they did nothing about it. Went into my vehicle and threw a bottle at the dude. Hardly the responsible thing to do I admit but if the people being paid to do their job are not stepping in then things can get out of hand. If this had happened a few minutes later when the parking lot had more TFC fans present I suspect it would have been worse. Clearly there is a difference between exuberant fans with a lot of passion and this group of classless goons from Montreal. It only made the win that more satisfying.

  4. Bla bla bla, what about the 20 or so TFC supporters that chased and attacked Impact fans in montreal? I mean fans, regular people, not supporters,including kids for, anything to say about that ? All of Canada already knows that TO has no class, stop bitching about what is done to you when your province is filled with haters. Look at yourselves in the mirror before commenting about others and change your attitude a bit, maybe you’ll get more respect, if you deserve it.

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