Since I don’t rate for a press pass I almost never have a chance to directly ask questions to TFC staffers. I think yours truly getting a chance to talk to Mo Johnston would be just about as likely as getting in to chat with the heads of State at the G-8/G-20 this weekend. Suffice it to say it is not bloody likely. With that in mind I saw TFC staffer Luke Wileman was hosting an online chat session today on . I took the opportunity to ask a few questions and I thought his responses were interesting. I wanted to share both the questions and answers with you here.


“…can you comment on what appear to be strong rumours linking TFC to former Deportivo La Coruna striker Mista? “

“He’s not with the team at the moment, although he was spotted at TFC’s Open Practice a couple of weeks ago. He’s a former teammate of Julian’s from Deportivo so I would imagine there is a fair chance TFC may pursue him…No move has been completed yet for Mista, but there seems to be plenty of specualtion that a deal is in the works…He (Mista) was very much acclaimed for his hold-up play at Valencia – something De Ro could benefit from – and could put it in the net on occasion. So it’s an exciting signing possibility if it happens…”


“Luke, can you also perhaps give us a feeling for how TFC is doing under the cap? With allocation dollars coming in for Sam Cronin is the club in the position to only fill a DP slot or is there room for perhaps a DP and maybe another squad player or two?”

“I’m no cap genius, but I think the Cronin move has probably made enough room for one signing. For a couple more squad players to come in, other things may have to happen. Plus there has to be room on the roster to add more new players..I think moving Cronin to SJ in exchange for allocation has opened up some room for Mo to make 1 move. Beyond that they would probably have to shuffle a few things around.”


“…any news on triallists you are able to fill us in on? Names, prospects of signing… that sort of thing??”

“No trialists are with the team at the moment. There were three or four in town during the break, but they are not with the team this week.”


“Are we going to sign Andrew Ornoch? or did his trial not work out. Luke u said earlier that there are no triallists currently with TFC… anything on Andrew?”

“I’m sure he is an option, but maybe there are other priorities at the moment. I haven’t heard anything about a deal for him being in the works.”

So there you have it. At least from the fringes of the TFC camp here is what we can ascertain about some of the ongoing developments:

The rumours surrounding Mista appear to have some serious legs to them. He has been with the club over the break and there appears to be enough cap/allocation space available to sign him. There is probably not much cap/allocation left to be bringing in other players (like an Andrew Ornoch for example) if the club signs Mista to a DP deal. Other than the rumoured DP signing there will likely have to me more movement out if there are any intentions of bringing in anyone new for the run in.


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