Post game thoughts on a memorable night at BMO Field as the Reds stormed back from an early two nil deficit to win 4-2. In this post I take a look back at the win and the defensive lapses that led to the need for the comeback in the first place. I also take a look at both the prowess of Defoe and the need for more secondary scorers to start stepping up. Finally I include some video from the stands and outside the stadium as supporters celebrate the win in true TFC style.


Your comments on the post and the game itself are always welcome and appreciated in this space. Let us know what you think.


  1. wonderful, Heartwarming?? tim is was also t here, it was piss poor quality game, poor TFC goalkeeping, this team cant rely on Defoe by himself..we won because Houston was far worse..
    we are where we are cause the east is still a weak conference. the patience from me for Ryan Nelsen is also dropping..he has no plan..he sends them out and hopes for the best and it showed yesterday.
    we need a better attitude with Vancouver coming up, our defence has more holes then swiss cheese, yet nothing is being done to fix this issue….cheers

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