TORONTO — New Toronto FC coach Preki blasted the Toronto media on Wednesday for negativity towards his team heading into the season opener, and threatened to cut off contact with the press in the future if the trend continues…
… “It’s just a very negative setup around the city in terms of the press, the media and at some point I’m going to have to cut it off because my job is to defend these guys [and if it doesn’t improve] we’ll lose that relationship, all of us.”

My heart bleeds for you Preki. He gets some questions that he does not like or feels uncomfortable answering.

And now he threatens to cut off the media access to himself and the club because he does not like what is being spoken or written about his team???

Undeniable facts! This team s**t the bed at the end of last season. Wholesale changes were made. More players left than came in. There have been rumours of upheaval and discord in the locker room. We have an extremely thin roster. We are tight up against the cap. And two days to go before our first competitive match the cavalry is very far off on the horizon.

And in pre-season we have I think just scored one goal.

Respect is earned Preki, it should nor be expected or bestowed just because you show up. You should not have the right to cut off the access that fans have through the club through the media just because you don’t like the questions being asked. There is no club in MLS that in my humble opinion that does such a piss poor job of communication intention and vision to its fans than Toronto FC does. Mo is a large part of the problem and his good buddy Preki appears to drinking from the same water fountain as Mo does.

With due respect Preki, get us some results on the pitch and a lot of what you call media negativity will go away. If the results ahead are more of the same then get used to the tough questions getting tough and tougher.

This is part of your job. Suck it up.


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