Below is my latest v-blog after Toronto FC’s loss Saturday night away 2-1 to Real Salt Lake. In the video I talk about how Preki got it very wrong tonight.

He got it wrong but it was still worth trying. Perhaps now he understands how thin our squad actually is. Leaving De Guzman, DeRo and OBW on the bench at this point in the development of the team is simply the wrong thing to do.

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  1. Solid analysis as always. I would add these two comments:
    1) Every tactical decision is a gamble, and if things had worked out differently (as it turned out, the difference between a loss and a draw included a matter of inches on the crossbar), we likely wouldn’t be so hard on Preki.
    2) I think this game needs to be taken as part of a set of matchups – Montreal last week, RSL last night, and heading into a Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday set. If DeRo and De Guzman didn’t have anything left in the tank for the upcoming games, we wouldn’t be happy. If Preki had held back against Montreal in order to save it for RSL, we wouldn’t be happy. Like you say, it’s nice to have a coach willing to make tactical decisions, even if they are risky, and it’s also nice to have a coach with long-term (multi-game and season-long) strategic thinking.

  2. And you would look fabulous wearing it with a rainbow wig!

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