In this post game video blog I celebrate Toronto FC’s away victory Tuesday night in Nicaragua that secured passage into the group stages of the CONCACAF Champions League.


 In this episode I look back at the game and heap praise on some brave choices from Head Coach Aron Winter, I name my top three (Frings, Plata and Johnson.. in no particular order), I ask if the TFC Front Office has learned their lesson from these two games when it comes to pricing, I heap scorn on Rogers Sportsnet for what I think was a bad choice and I ask a hypothetical question ahead of Saturday’s match in DC, namely would DeRo do the shake and bake if he scored versus TFC.

Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.


  1. Mighty TFC

    there is not enough bad language for rogers sportsnet….there is 5 channels as you say and the new sportsnet world aka setanta so that makes 6 channels..:{ Winter made a brave decision going with Kocic and it paid off…will be keep Kocic for the CCL and Frei for the League?

  2. Mighty TFC

    i would argue that DERO was our best Sure Frei should be given do credit in that department..the difference between the two? Frei’s ego has not got the best of him, hes a team
    player, that cant be said for DERO who was looking after his own interests first not the clubs..
    Did Dero get us into the Playoffs…NO…Have we won the Canadian championship and advance to
    the CCL group stage without him…YES..he may be our current leading goalscorer in team history,
    but that will be surpassed in the future…lets hope he doesnt score on Saturday…but the dance wont
    bother me much,,,as i dislike that man and have since before he came to TFC, always though he was overrated..

  3. Good job with your game summary Tim.

    I think it’s pretty easy to answer your question on DeRo, will he do the “shake and bake” if he scores? Absolutely YES!!!! The man has zero class, he’s all about himself, and he will use this upcoming game to justify his DP salary demand.

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