Since it has become obvious, particularly in recent weeks, that Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment does not truly listen to or understand the supporters of Toronto FC in a really meaningful way all we can hope for now is that they listen to Don Garber.

That is why I have decided to not go to the MLS Cup Final in November.

I will have a ticket to the game as I am renewing my seasons tickets for 2011. However I will not use the ticket. I will not sell it. And I will not give it away. My seat for that game will be an empty one.

Without a doubt TFC is a mess right now, and it will take both time and smarts to get things righted.  And the mess is a big one. There is of course the four past years of futility on the field. Yes we have had a few highs, but mostly lows. The player locker room must by now have a turnstile installed considering 80+ players have now come and gone, and that will likely continue for a while. Prices for tickets continue to go through the roof, mine  for example have doubled in four years of non playoff soccer. Scalpers can’t give their tickets away. Mo Johnston was kept on at least a year too long was he not?  Our captain asks for a raise on the pitch in the midst of a do or die game. We have had five coaches in four seasons with two of them wearing “interim” tags for significant periods of time. And the goodwill and engagement of fans of all stripes has been taken for granted to the point where many are walking away. Oh, and we have to buy MLS Cup tickets with our 2011 season ticket packages whether we wish to or not.

A sold ticket is not a used ticket MLSE!

Since MLSE seems to be structurally tone deaf to what they must be hearing from TFC supporters then one of the only ways at this point that we as fans can perhaps effect positive change within the club is to embarrass them in front of the city, the league and the assembled sports media. And if enough of us stay away from the league’s showcase event the troubles at TFC will be the story. I wish it was not so, but I see no other way for MLSE to get the message that they have been obviously ignoring for four years. Even though as an organization that often says many of the right things they truly do not get the fact that a soccer club is a far different kind of sports property than a hockey or basketball team is.

Since Toronto will not be in this game I feel that not going does not hurt our club at all. The only thing hurt will be MLSE’s reputation. And I encourage all of you to at least consider joining me in not going to big game in November. Not showing up and embarrassing MLSE in front of the league and a North American TV audience would perhaps put the issues we as supporters have been upset about on their front burner for once.

And Don Garber might fully get a grasp on what he needs to know about what is happening in Toronto. We are not the shining example of MLS success we were back in 2007-2008. There are no more feel good stories anymore about TFC. And if an embarrassment like a half empty stadium for the league’s showcase event is what is needed to have  MLS come down on Anselmi and company than I say fine with me.

I will be watching this game at the pub. Feel free to join me.


  1. I was just going to moon every corner… but it might be freezing cold in november.

  2. you heard it here folks, the possibility of henry vs. beckham vs. parkdale’s ass!!

  3. Kevin (ochos)

    If this is properly organized as an optional course of action by the respected supporters groups I will stand behind my brothers and sisters and join this protest. I appreciate your courage in taking this stand, and though if I miss the game I’ll be upset to miss playoff MLS football, ultimately the future of this team deserves attention through whatever means necessary.

    To the leaders of the supporter’s groups, I challenge you to take leadership action and bring everyone together for the cause.

  4. There are plenty of people who would love to use your ticket including myself. If I were offered a ticket I’d go up in a second. As has been mentioned if MLSE sell all the tickets at full price they won’t care. So sure don’t go to the game if you don’t want to but keeping an unused ticket for the biggest soccer event in the USA and Canada is beyond selfish.

  5. I understand the pain, RBNY went thru this the past few years before we moved into our stadium. Sorry, but if the RB make it to TO, I will be there in some shite section where they hide all the real fans. Just save me a seat at the pub…(for a pint or two after the game)

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