You all need to read the latest missive from TFC director of Soccer Mo Johnston.  Here’s the link:–johnston-asks-tfc-fans-for-patience

After reading the article from The Toronto Star, penned by reporter Daniel Girard, I got to thinking of who TFC Director of Soccer reminded me of….

And after some thinking I decided that he reminded me of the greasy/brazen salesman on Family Guy. You know him! He’s the guy who can sell Peter Grifffin just about anything with a slick presentation and doublespeak in episode after episode. And Peter just keeps falling for it!

But Mo, you need to realize that you can’t sell us the same bill of goods anymore. We are not Peter Griffin!

The player turnover in the past few weeks and months he blamed in the article on the hiring of a new coach and of course the MLS labour negotiations going so late into the pre-season. That rings very hollow to many fans considering that no other MLS team (operating under the same restrictions as TFC are by the way) had nearly as much turnover and instability during the off-season as Toronto had. Not even close.  He claimed that the Ali Gerba release was mis-handled by the club.  Have to agree with you there Mo.

Mo was quoted by Girard as follows:

“…We’re trying to build a strong, young core group of players here…We’ve got a new coach and we’re looking for a squad that balances experience and youth… That plan’s still (the) same..Do we wish we had another win or two? Of course. But we’re on track…”

He ended the interview with this message to the fans:  “…Try to be patient. We all want the same thing you do, to win…”

Almost six months since TFC’s horrible outing in New York to end the 2009 season and the messages from Mo ring as hollow today as they did then when he sent an email to TFC season ticket holders apologizing for the loss last October and speaking of his plans for 2010. I thought it would be an excellent idea to look at what was said six months ago as a comparison.

“…We head into next season with a strong core of players as we continue towards building for long term success. We already have plenty to look forward to including a full season with Julian de Guzman and a grass pitch being installed at BMO Field. My focus in the next few months will be on strengthening the squad at a few select positions, preparing for the SuperDraft and also getting the right man to lead the team…”

Six months on and the message is still the same…

A few ” select positions” becomes 8 players out and 12 players in during our continuing “pre-season” and , if you can believe it, we hear today that there is yet another triallist  practicing with the club. Unbelieveable.

Ben Knight, in his excellent “Onward Soccer” blog stated yesterday that in his mind Mo Johnston has lost the faith of the journalists in Toronto that cover the club. If that is true then they were the last people in Toronto to still believe what he has to say.


  1. This bashing of Mo has got to stop..the Negative supporters group dont really want success,
    year one that wanted Mo sacked as Manager, Year 2 it was John Carvers fault, Year 3 it was
    Carver then whats his name fault, he was manager such a short time..the Supporters keep calling for a manager to go and to MLSE big mistake they listen to the supporters groups too much..Lets start blaming the players…Frei would be the only player on the current roster and shift the rest out, not the new players as they have got to have time to produce. Lets get on the players on Sunday vs Seattle, they need the telling off

  2. EnoughIsEnough

    ML$ & Greed: The Fleecing Continues! Marlies | Raptors | Leafs and now TFC.

    While i respect TFC6MTL2’s point, I cannot support this band of corporate thieves who charges $15 for beers, $150 for shirts & $8 for an ice cold sausage!

    I don’t mind paying premium pricing. The Yankees overcharge their fan base too, but at least they are in the think of the championship chase every year. Hope is all the fans in the city expect. Instead, we get business people running sports teams.

    I have some advice for Peddie, Anselmi et al, SPORTS people run sports teams! Bring in the best, most experienced Coaches and GM’s out there. Seattle Sounders did, and look at them!

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