Dan Gargan is Toronto FC’s newest player. According to sources…


he is en-route to Columbus and is expected to get there in time to be on the bench for our game against the Crew later this afternoon.

So Mo had this guy in camp for weeks and he can’t get him inked to a contract until the morning of our first game of the season?

What a way to run a team!

Obviously only Gargan’s people and the Ginger Glaswegian were party to the talks & why they took so long to finalize, but the timing leaves me shaking my head.

And this kind of thing has been going on for four years now. How in the hell can a side get settled and play well as a team if we are bringing in important pieces the morning of our first game of the season?

This reminds me of my Premiership fantasy footy pool I am playing on Facebook. I change players pretty much every week, and my team SUCKS. I am in 18th place in a 26 team league, and my better half by the way is 15 points out of first place. 🙂

I think the Ginger Glaswegian needs to disable his Facebook account. It’s not working for me and it is not working or him.


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